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God Save the Frogs (une française biographie de YOU CALL IT A NAME):

Fidèle à son esprit rock et à sa formule alliant riffs de guitares entêtants et rythmiques imparables, le trio fondateur de GHBA revient sur scène aux commandes du projet YOU CALL IT A NAME.
Ajoutant à son arsenal boîtes à rythmes et orgues électriques, la formation prend une orientation plus électro qui affirme son nouvel univers sonore.
Dans la lignée de Franz Ferdinand, Gang of Four, Radio Four et Interpol, YOU CALL IT A NAME exhale un rock subversif à découvrir d'urgence.

And now for the English version :

The infamous GHBA founding threesome are back with a revenge - they first took it out on their tunes, and then just grooved everything down to basics ! Name included. Thou shalt refer to them as YOU CALL IT A NAME. Pretty convenient, innit ?
Rocking inside out with class, catchy guitar riffs and bitchy beats from new recruit Electronic-Topless-Female-Drummer, they're back on stage to redefine the meaning of Rock, with a collection of complex-and-yet-no-nonsense songs that'll make you wish you were back in the Eighties and could dance away accordingly. Or something else - just name it.
Some claim Franz Ferdinand, Gang of Four, Radio Four or even Interpol have all found major inspiration in YOU CALL IT A NAME's recent additions to Rock Music's Hall of Fame.
Come decide for yourself and download their latest EP for free - no strings attached, no questions asked. Just help spread the word, will ye ?
Click that button NOW and go on the YOU CALL IT A NAME spree you've always wanted to experience (but were afraid to ask).
So - what d'you call it again ?

YOU CALL IT A NAME - the unspeakable unabridged thruth in 10 easy-to-remember steps :

1 - Had a cup of coffee.
2 - Walked around the house in their underwear and wrote new tunes.
3 - Broke coffee machine and got blisters on their fingers.
4 - Took it out on old tunes.
5 - Had a beer.
6 - Grooved everything down to basics.
7 - Got thirsty - had a beer.
8 - Retained good old vintage vibe - used gear as old as your oldest uncle (or several regular uncles combined), electric organs and effects you didn't know even existed, old-time craftsmanship and stuff.
9. Had better and/or more beer to celebrate.
10. Changed band's name to YOU CALL IT A NAME, as beermats available to scribble stupid things and/or developed a passion for coming up with stupid bands' names by now.
That' all it took !

Now for the English version for dummies :

Free songs naked chick sex pussy !
Happy ?

Now for the tag version :

Topless upskirt stockings legs threesome indie rock yay !

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Pavement, Franz Ferdinand, Gang of Four, Sonic Youth, Radio4, The Kills, The Hives, The Rakes, The Black Keys, Interpol, The Flaming Lips, !!!.

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