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Esther Dea-Scorpis.

Mixture of Pop-Music (dance, rock ,funk reaggae ,hip hop )and classical egyptian ,asian and irish harmonies , Esther Dea-Scorps made her marks in Paris and it differs from current musical trends.

Ester Dea-Scorpis rocked from an early age by the pop music; she seems to have inherited a manifest musical talent ..

When she was 17, she leaves her family to live her passion music, dance and theater.
Esther Dea-Scorpis will starts to do some featurings and representations with many groups, such as Dole ,and the singer Felwine which allows her to work with professional musicians.Then she will play in many nightclubs.
Esther Dea-Scorpis will work ardently for many years to successfully create a new kind of music ,a fusion of pop(rock,reaggae ,funk ..),dance and classical music with urban sounds ,and some égyptian,asian and irish harmonies.She's composer ,songwriter, singer and sound engineer.
The realease of her 1rst album is expected for 2013.
" My music is the only one able to translate my feelings about life "

"By mixing the scents that you get the best fragrances"

Esther Dea-Scorpis


Acoustique, Country, Folk, Musette, Rock

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