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The Sweet Chainsaws is a Glam Punk started in 2011. Funny Scary started the band alone. Some musicians came in the band with him later but they were not serious, and Funny was not pleased by this. It's in 2013 that Glitzy Grave, rythm guitarist, came in the band, like Dolly Deadly who's became the lead guitarist. Later, Pretty Ghoul, the drummer, join the band.
But in 6 mouths Dolly Deadly left in another galaxy...
The real Glitzy isn't here for the moment, but soon !
In 6 days Barmy Hard, the lead guitarist, join the band.

The band search an excellent bassist and guitarist rythm, crazy, fun,
and ready to play for the band !

You can hear their sounds
Be crazy, be fan, be a Brain !

The Sweet Chainsaws


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Punk, Hard rock, Métal
Styles secondaires : Acoustique, Autre, Rock

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Membre du Groupe

Singer : Funny Scary
Drummer : Pretty Ghoul
Lead guitarist : Barmy Hard

Ex-Lead guitarist : Dolly Deadly
EX-Rythm guitarist : Glitzy Grave

Bassist : searching...
Rythm guitarist: searching...

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