The Dislocated Workers


Paris 9ème Arrondissement
Ile-de-France (75)


Visité 309 fois


His first inspirations were drawn from the roots of the blues, where he nourished his talents in the influence of The Greats… His road next led him to the Folk Giants of the 60′s and 70′s, where he was transported by their electric detours in the psychedelic years…

After two auto-produced opus, « Pachydermal lies and truth », in July 2011, and « Just Roll Tape », in May 2012, he hits the road for a series of more than 100 shows until April 2013. Then, he decides to take a short break to reflect on the evolution of his music.

During this short break he creates a brand new project « The Dislocated Worker (s) ».

A sound of softness and distortion, a sharp and precise musical phrasing, a warm sounding, powerful and envelopping voice. You will be pulled into his universe, so personal, in which you will not be able to escape indifferent…


Acoustique, Blues, Folk

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