Elena Santana



Luxembourg Rue de la Fonderie
Luxembourg (15)


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When Elena was a teenager, she suffered a terrible accident in which she broke her neck. Only one millimeter saved her from tetraplegy or death. During the five months she spent in hospital she wrote 2 novels, won a literature competition and wrote a catalogue of songs. Her amazing recovery and perseverance changed her life forever.

Considered a “Fabulous Voice” by Steven Williams, a producer who has worked with Sting, Eric Clapton, and Britney Spears, Elena broke through with her re-make of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” , a version of the song that Mr. Phil Collins himself approved.

Elena loves fitness, Macrobiotic food and she's a believer and a positive person, always giving her best in everything she does.


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Pop, Hip Hop, RnB

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