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Electronic 70's, Italodisco, New Wave, Avant-Garde, Experimental, Post Punk, Glamrock,
No-Wave, Electro Pop, Synthpop, Electronic Body Music, Acid House, Indie Underground,
Alternative 80's-90's, Bulgarian, Batcave, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Brit Pop, Madchester,
Electro Clash, Electro Rock, Indie Clash, Electric Pop, Indie-Tronik...

I can bring you on the dancefloor anytime...
from earliest 70's electronic disco, new wave...
threw the darkest 80's indie-alternative, batcave...
and the latest electro, indietronik you ever heard in your lifetime...

I'm a professional dj, I mix with bpm, I do not just cue song like a jukebox.

you can't change the past, but you can change your future ;-)
DJ LAW (Montreal/Trois-Rivières/Québec)

Early Life Bio :

In my life i bought around 40 000 - 50 000 vinyls,
I went through so much kind of music, reason why i've got an open-minded in music...

I'm a DJ and promoter in Montreal since 1985
I am looking for... giggs into any club, afterhours, private party.

Born Montreal, I grow-up relatively in fashion industry.
My Father was cutter & designer, my mother a dressmaker.
In early eighties, around 1981-83 recession hit my family business...

Startingup there I became an under-age-clubber-kid...
Hanging-out in the new wave underground scene of Montreal,
I've been influence by these clubs and dj's:

Limelight Montreal (Robert Ouimet, Mario Tremblay)
Le Glace
Le Cargo (Marc)
Les Foufounes Électriques (Sylvain Houde, Mario Canada)
Le Sphinx-1 (Bruno Tanguay)
Métal/Blitz (Sphinx 2nd floor)
Le Timing (1 & 2)
Le Beat (Eduardo Cabral)
La Mansarde
Le Kitch (Mario, Daniel, Mario Kitch)
Chez Swans
Le Taxi
Le B-52's (St-Jérome)
The Key-Club
Le Bilitis (soirée mixte)
She Was (ex-club Disalvio)
Le Business
Le Vieux St-Vicent-Paul
Le Roxy St-Denis (Eduardo Cabral)
Thunderdome/1rst floor (Terry, Laviolette, Marc)
Mars Club (Laviolette, Marc)
Le Lézard (Robert De La Gauthier)

My older sister, and my brother that was hanging-out at club like Charlie Brown, Jagger,
Studio 5. They made me discover ''Dutchies'' the greatest records store ever been in
Montreal city, there I could find any imports that I heard the night before on
Brave New Waves late radio show on Radio-Canada FM.

At night, I was recording on reel-to-reel all underground shows...
from Brave New Wave,, or Claude Rajotte, so much I did a burn-out.
I was going to school same times, clubbing at night and weekend, I was 103 lbs, 5'10'',
skinny, I had yellow hair spiked, looking like Generation X... it was 1983...

I also lived on the Main street of Montreal 14 years,
the most busiest & trendy boulevard for nightlife in Montreal.
I was right in front of Warshaw, Swartz Smoke Meat, etc... for those who know the area.

From 1991-1996, I start transferring my collections, flexi 7 inches, 12'' and demo tapes
into dirty digital... Clubs owner where becoming cheap labour at dj's due to the fact of
digital cd's technologies, and then later the mp3 dj's. Most of the stuff is on D.A.T. tapes,
cd's burner and studio equipment were way to expensive at the time.


DJ LAW Montreal - Clubbing Biography

In 1985, My first experience as a dj was into friends partys, and at the loft of Stéphane Martino
and J-F (a member of Les Jardiniers). J-F was the light man of Les Foufounes Électriques at the time.
Most of the staff where showing-up there at around 3-6 am. Our doorman was Le Gros Michel...
I was more Lo-Fi type of dj, the kind of dj that you never see, but you come back every time
cause the music was great at that place. In the back room, or somewhere close to the sealing...
I did so many warehouse party dj boots from 1985 to 1990, spinning a blend of new wave, industrial,
with acid house new beat, Belgium connection etc...

In 1991, I start djing at the Dax bar, my first experience into clubs. On Friday & Saturday
nights, I was spinning minimal new wave, underground, batcave, alternative, and also
early industrial noise... I was also light man when there were bands or guest dj's.
The first rave night of Montreal ''Saturn 6'' with Robert De La Gauthier happened
at the Dax bar. it was an honour to help a real dj like him.

In 1993-94, I start djing on Friday at Gallery Club, where i met a great dj call Faith,
we where spinning indie alternative underground, goth, industrial, Madchester...
300 peoples were showing-up every weekends, which brought inspiration to allots
of big Dj's like Frigid, Mr. Black, Plastik Patrik... not to offence, but they where kids...
The club got shut down after the construction of new condo in front of the place,
complaining they couldn't sleep on corner of St-Laurence Boulevard & Ontario street...

In 1994, manager of Jailhouse Rock Café, ask me if I was interested in doing a underground
alternative nights on Wednesday... The night as finally turns into an industrial jam session
with a member of Phycüs band Brian Damage that was doing the ''Late Night Atrocity''
show on CKUT radio. It was a new concept, I mean, industrial guests musicians jamming
on a stage... It was unique...

In 1995, Risa Roumeliotakis & Il Bolero invited me and Dj faith to mix at Orgasmagoria
fetish party at Metropolis, I was doing the set for the fashion parade, and mixing with
Faith after band Thrive (from B.C.). It was a great party, 1300 peoples show-up!!!

In 1996, I was dj on Friday & Saturday at Vampire Lounge spinning batcave, gothic,
Bulgarian tribal, indie alternative underground, industrial, synthpop...
Dj Faith was also guest on Saturday's, Dj Missing was spinning on Thursday's.

*Some bands that stop by to party with us at Vampire Lounge:
- Dead Can dance
- Ministry
- Young Gods
- Gavin Friday

In 1997, I completely renovate & did the opening of Cybertek club, it was suppose to be
an industrial nightclub, but owner had some issue with paying and respecting staff
properly... Two mp3 kids took over by offering djing at 50$ a night, the result...
I left the place, and they got stuck with the

In 1997-1998, did a Cabaret Nouvelle Vague James Bond type at B-Side on Duluth,
but owner over there too had some issue with paying and respecting staff properly...
The same two mp3 kids took over again by offering there cheap labour djing set,
so original... I don't want to name them, cause I don't like Gossip talk...ok

In 1999, I was the Official dj for the re-opening defunct Limelight Alternative party
''cool 80'' ... 1400 peoples show-up, 900 were on my floor... We Had a Blast !!!

In 2001, back to my roots ''Club New Wave Electro-Italo Disko'' at Le Bal Masqué
on Prince-Arthur, but the place got bomb, I saw it fire live on t.v. while having my
morning chocolate coffee... good thing I didn't left my collection over there that night... lol

In 2002, did first Electroclash nights of that city at Lucifer Clubwith DJ Baracuda,
but not much peoples where interested at the time in that kind of music...

In Sept. 2004, I moved into country side to start the transferring of all my dirty digital
audio tapes on high quality HHB cd's imported from London. I did 3/4 of the transfer,
working on it 24h/24h... But in September 2007, while I was riding my mountain bike...
a car hit me straight in the face at 80km/h... My life stop for 5 hours...

Came back to where i've belong, the city. I was so happy to be back even if I had
a neurological brain problem, broken bones, and had to take shitty morphine for more
than 6 months, plus a rehabilitation of 2 years...

Still, It was great to be back, to meet peoples who cares about nightlife, and music!!!

In 2008, I start a night call ''WAR INC.'' at Bistro de Paris, the origin the theme was
to help new dj's to performed into the scene, due to the fact that there's too many dj's
these days, also to make peoples realized that war was still happening in 2007.
Guest dj's where weekly invited to a face à face kind and at the same time to respect
each other's different way of thinking. The last ''WAR INC.'' was at Le Loft du Chateau.

In 2008, and early 2009, I've been invited two or three times, as guest dj...
by JonnyBonnyRock and Louis Costa at Fuckstar Night (Sky Club). Together, we brought back
the Neo-Romanticism spirit of electropop 80's into the electroclash... people where sexy!

In 2009-2010, I start the first electric evening witch dj could spin
high-bpm till your hair spike like you're mom was in the 80's...
next ELECTROSHOCK will happen in 2014, be aware if you have a pacemaker, best dj's will be attending...

In 2010, I've been Dj with Robert Ouimet and the Official Promoter for Limelight
Funkytown Film. Revival of the 514 disco underground scene of Montreal city.
Four huge party of 1000-1500 peoples.


V.I.P./Backstage with these artists:

Chris & Cosey (1985/Montreal)
Dead Can Dance (1996/Montreal)
Ministry (1996/Montreal)
Young Gods (1996/Montreal)
Gavin Friday of Virgin Prunes (1996/Montreal)
James Iha of Smashing Pumpkins (1999/New York)
DJ Champion (1992/2010)


Dj's for these Nights/Nightclubs:

Foufounes Électriques Afterhours @ Martino (1985)
DAX Bar (1990-1991)
Tetsuo Penthouse Backdoor Stairways (1992-1994)
Gallery Nightclub (1993-1994)
Underground Lounge @ Le Boréale (1994)
Le B-52's (St-Jérome Alternative Festival 1994)
Law as Diabolik @ Woodstock (1994)
Underground Alternative Wed. @ Jailhouse Rock Café (1994)
Industrial Jam Session @ Jailhouse Rock Café (1994-1995)
Métropolis ''Orgasmagoria'' (1995)
Underground Nights @ Bizzart (1995)
Underground Web Nights @ Vampire Lounge (1996-1997)
Cybertek Club (1997)
Cabaret Nouvelle Vague 007 @ B-Side (1997-1998)
Komodo (1999)
Limelight Official Re-Opening Party ''Cool 80'' (1999)
Guest Dj @ Sphinx 2 (2000)
Club New Wave Electro-Italo @ Le Bal Masqué (2001)
Electroclash Sundays @ Lucifer (2002)
WAR INC. @ Bistro De Paris (2008)
Pretty In Kink (Cirque De Boudoir) @ Le Social (2008)
WAR INC. Party @ Loft Du Château (2008)
Post-Electro-Neo-Romantic Party @ SKY Club (2008)
Guest Dj - Radical Queer Party @ Mystique (2008)
Guest Dj - INVASION (Cirque De Boudoir) @ Cherry Club (2008)
Electroclash Not Dead @ Sky Club (2008)
Guest Dj - Different Mode Nights @ Passeport (2008)
Les Mercredi Bleu Est Noir @ Tap Room (2008)
Electroshock Party (2009-2010)
Guest Dj for Funk Me I'm Famous @ Commission Liqueurs (2009)
Club de l'Age d'Or Gothique I @ Passeport (2009)
LAW & DISORDER @ Le Piranha Bar (2009)
Official Elf & Pixies After-X-Mas Party of @ Chez Baptiste (2009)
Club de l'Age d'Or Gothique II @ Passeport (2010)
Electroshock (2009-2010)
Limelight / Funkytown Film (2010-2011)


Dj's that are friend of mine, and that I respect for there support:

DJ Champion (Montreal)
DJ Maüs (Montreal)
DJ Mini (Montreal)
DJ Robert Ouimet (Montreal)
DJ Robert De La Gauthier (Montreal)
DJ Larry Tee (New-York)
DJ Davide (Montreal)
DJ Milkaway / Pierre Babin (Paris)
DJ Channelle (Montreal)
DJ Steve Candela (Montreal)
DJ Bliss (Montreal)
DJ Faith (Montreal)
DJ Missing (Montreal)
DJ Kommandandt (Montreal)
DJ Plastik Patrik (Montreal)
DJ D6(b)Hell (Montreal)


Bands that I respect for there support:

Dead Can Dance (Robert Perry)
Anne Clark (England)
Ian Brown (England)
Curtis Melody (trindad et Tobago, South-America)
Young Gods (ex-drummer: Franz Bagnoud)
Ichor (Toronto)
Hyena Dog Robbery (Toronto)
Trans-X (Montreal)
Machin Et Ses Machines (Berlin)
Akufen (Montreal)
Miss Kittin (Paris)
Gavin Friday (Irlande)
Risqué (Paris)
Franz & Shape (Italy)
Zombie Nation (Germany)
Freezepop (USA)
Alice & The Serial Numbers (Los Angeles)
Mikrowafle (Poland)
Vein Cat (Poland)
L.O.E.P. (Greece)
Redrum Alone (Italy)
Toyfou (Manchester)
Lili Fatale (Montreal)
Automelodi (Montreal)
011 (Montreal)
2wired (Germany)
Phycüs (Montreal)
Insergent (Montreal)
Thierry Gauthier (Montreal)
Japanther (USA)
Seven Deadly Sin (Montreal)
NOIA (Montreal)
Disorder (Mexico)
Terror Squad (Montreal)
Left Side Neighbour (Montreal)


Friends that I respect for there support:

Louis-Alain Robitaille (Montreal)
Yvon Lafrance (Montreal)
Claude Chalifoux (Montreal)
Stephan Wolf (Montreal)
Risa Roumeliotakis (Sonic Ritual Montreal)
Luc Jazienicki
Éric DesPins (Montreal)
Danielle Hubbard (Montreal)
Louis Guilmet (Montreal)
Martin Patoine - ZYX3D.COM (Montréal)
Pierre Babin (Paris/Montreal)
Louis Costa (Le Parking Club)
Éric Desjardins (Montreal)
Manuelle Lortie (Montreal)
Yan Rovolis (Montreal)
Maryo (Montreal)
DeeDee Dragon (Montreal)
Elizabeth Hollands (International Model)


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avant garde, new wave, acid house, new beat, industrial, batcave, gothic, psychobilly,
rockabilly, brit pop, Low fi, alternatve, indie, madchester, ska, trip hop, electro clash,
electro rock, electro trash, experimental

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