chuck prudence


    Dj (and producer)


Midi-Pyrénées (31)


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Raised with rock'n'roll but not fond of the punk scene, Chuck quickly turned to techno when he discovered the joys of pushing polymer. Ever since, he has lived a passionate love story with his turntables ; scouting the world for the best records to feed them, and dancing all night long at every opportunity.
Eager to share his passion, and discoveries, he started in Paris, with vernissages, providing deep groove as a seamless background for his friends' exhibition, and naturally carried on to later parts of the nights, bringing everybody dancing along.
He now consistently delights club audiences with a sound far beyond the mainstream, using his vinyls, Monotribe and enthusiasm for wicked beats. Highlights include playing on Parisian dancefloors with the Art You Out crew in Batofar, OPA or Scène Bastille, and rocking Berlin venues such as Tresor, Golden Gate, VCF, Morlox or the Lodge. This experience together with an excellent taste in electronic music and a reputation for long, genre-crossing sets make for a night to remember.


Dub, Electro, House, Techno

Next gigs

28 mars @ OPA bastille

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