Amy Prajoux

Amy Prajoux


Surfers Paradise
Queensland (42)


Visité 270 fois


Acoustique, Dub, Funk, Jazz fusion, Métal, Pop, Rock


Every week night from 7pm or 7.30pm, and every weekend!


I have no drums here in Surfers, I just moved in from France! =)
But back in France, I used to have a Gretsch Catalina Mapple Fusion (7 piece kit) with a Iron Cobra double bass drum, and I renewed an old Rogers from the 1960s into a great drumkit that had an incredible sound!!! This was my favorite kit!

I used Evans EC2 SST clear as batter drumheads and Remo Ambassador coated as reso drumheads...Yes, coated as reso and it had an incredible sound once tuned properly!! ^^


Nightwish, Within Temptation, System Of A Down, Hans Zimmer, Skrillex, Classical music (Dvorak, Smetana, and the most famous ones), and all the music we can listen on the radio... I actually have so many influences that I can't list them all here...

Just to be clear, I don't want to (and I CAN'T) play any kind of Nightwish or metal songs. I can't play double bass drum as I used to (and I've never been able to play fast anyway), because I had a serious injury on my right ankle and it still hurts. So I developped the independance of my left foot, but can't play regularly and for a long time with a double bass drum (although I use one sometimes).

The drummer that has influenced me the most is Cobus.

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