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Aïka is not only a band, it is the name of a troop.

Aïka is also the name of the imaginary universe in which the characters evolve. A planet in a sterilized atmosphere and in an exaggerated conformity.

Even if the music plays an important part within the project, it is not an end in itself. The musical play is accompanied with books, with a graphic and plastic universe as well as with an original scenography. Each of these means bringing a sometimes different but always complementary vision of the work.

Ecko is the first character pointed up, he is in a way the keystone on which leans the intrigue. Commonplace and cynical, he simply looks forward to a little color to this world, a little color in his life.

The music is tortured and complex there, the singing having only a melodic vocation. As if it was impossible to put feelings into words.


Alternatif, Expérimental
Styles secondaires : Electro, Métal, Rock, Trip H


indé : Still in Bedlam

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