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After having styudied Law during long time and get Degree, I decided to turn to my child passion, movies, so I made low budget horror atmosphere films and the first (Nightmare) was awarded in France and USA. I wrote and edited all my scripts. I had agreement of great Darkwave and EBM bands (the first one was the famous German band X-Fusion) for my soundtracks. As a fan of music I decided to found and manage an indie label (Hans Mondial Music). At last I was comic-book and novel editor.

I'm multimedia conceiver and especially orientated at cinema, having made several short fictions, documentaries and clips internationally awarded.
As an indie label founder I also help bands and artists I like to promote and distribute their work.

My label has so far 11 international bands (USA, Mexico, Indonesia, France, Sweden, Reunion Island, Belgium, South Africa) of various style : French Touch, Electronic, Romantic, Lyrical rap, Instrumental, Darkwave and Goth, Country-Blues, World Music, Indus-Doom, Indus Metal, Progressive Metal, Death Electro and Ritual music.

Hans Mondial Music is ever looking for new talent so feel free to contact Hans.

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Acoustique, Alternatif, Country, Electro, Expérimental, Indépendant, Musiques du monde, Métal, Rap

Parcours / Etudes

Licence en Droit public.
Concepteur-réalisateur de produits multimédias.
Animateur de radio associative.


Especially ElectroDark, EBM, Ambient, Indus, all music having according to me an atmosphere and that I can associate with possible new movie to write.

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